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Legal information is a guarantee of rule of law

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05.08.2022 605 Yangiliklar

Today, a seminar on distribution of legal information and provision of its use was organized with the participation of employees of the central office of the Ministry of Transport, regional transport departments and departmental organizations.


In the seminar organized by the Legal Department of the Ministry, the shortcomings identified in the study of the issue of the effectiveness of the work carried out in the Ministry of Transport in ensuring the implementation of the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On ensuring the distribution and use of legal information" and troubleshooting aspects were discussed.


Raising legal awareness and legal culture in society is one of the most important conditions for ensuring the rule of law and strengthening legitimacy. In this process, distribution of legal information and ensuring its use is of great importance.


From this point of view, it is extremely important to convey to the general public the meaning and significance of the legislative documents adopted in each field, the need for their adoption, and the proper organization of work in this direction.


Nurmuhammedov Muslimbek Uchkun oglu, the leading consultant of the Department of Legal Promotion and Enlightenment of the Ministry of Justice, who participated in the seminar, is concerned with putting things on the right track and eliminating existing shortcomings. touched on the aspects.