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Projects implemented within the framework of e-government

Currently, the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Uzbekistan carries out various project activities within the framework of e-government. As an example of these, we can cite the following.

- Implementation of an automated system for monitoring the implementation of common-use passenger transportation in an online mode integrated with fast service systems;

-Step-by-step introduction of a unified automated fare payment system for general-use passenger transport in Tashkent City, Nukus and regional centers;

- Introduction of electronic tableau systems designed for remote monitoring of bus traffic schedule at bus stations and car stations, as well as at stops where passengers gather a lot;

- Electronic transfer of licensing of passenger and cargo transportation activities in the city, around the city, on intercity and international routes;

- Development of mobile applications with a function for urban transport passengers with the ability to track the location of vehicles on the appropriate routes and choose the optimal route;

- Creation of mobile applications for ordering cargo transportation service by car;

- Introduction of electronic systems for ordering and booking documents used to pay fares in international and intercity passenger transport vehicles;

- Introduction of automated systems for the accounting and control of the use of forms of permits of foreign countries for international automobile transport;

- Formation of a single interactive information portal of Transport services;

- Development of a system for the implementation of open tenders for the placement of passenger transport routes through an electronic system;

- Introduction of distance learning courses in the field of Transport and various other services;

The Ministry of Transport is currently carrying out intensive work on the introduction of digital technologies in the Transport sector.