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The Ministry of Transport announces a recruitment for the project management team

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30.06.2022 3553 Yangiliklar

Recruitment is announced for the following positions in the steering group of the project between the Ministry of Transport and the United Nations Development Program "Tashkent - Accelerating investment attraction in low-carbon transport".


1. Chief technical consultant of the project

2. Procurement specialist

3. Urban planning specialist

4. Public transport specialist

5. Gender equality specialist

The project is designed for 6 years (2022-2027). The monthly salary is 10 million soums.

The main tasks of the project team:

development of a national strategy and road map for the development of electric vehicles;

development of national and local strategies for the introduction and acceleration of the use of the green urban transport corridor and the improvement of the ecological environment in cities;

development of proposals for the improvement of regulatory documents and standards for the green urban transport corridor and electric vehicles;

to help improve ecology by introducing wide use of electric vehicles (electric bus) in public transport;

Implementation of the "BRT" pilot project dedicated for buses in Tashkent city.

Requirements for candidates:


At least a bachelor's degree in urban planning, automotive engineering, surface transportation operations, transportation and logistics, business administration, finance and economics, ecology, and other related fields (master's and doctoral degrees are encouraged).


Candidates must have at least 3 years of work experience (work experience in public administration and international organizations is supported).

Knowledge and skills:

Ability to speak and write fluently in English and Russian, analyze foreign materials;

Free computer user (MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.) strong analytical skills;

able to prepare analytical reports and proposals;

good communication skills.

Other requirements:

Being ready for short-term foreign business trips;

Ability to work with various assignments (Multi-tasking);

Completing assignments on time and with quality. Candidates are requested to send information about themselves to the e-mail address by July 11, 2022.

On July 11-15, 2022, an interview will be held with candidates who meet the requirements of the position.