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A tender will be held to obtain the right to work on intercity-interregional routes

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29.04.2022 2900 Yangiliklar

In order to ensure the implementation of the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 738 of December 6, 2021 "On measures for electronic organization of open tenders for passenger transport routes in automobile transport", The next open tender for intercity-interregional routes will be held on May 31 of this year.

The process of obtaining detailed information about the routes placed in the tender, downloading the manuals for using the system, and submitting proposals for participation in the tender is carried out through the website.

Also, in order for applicants to submit tender offers, payment in the amount of 30 percent of the base calculation amount must be made to the account number of the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Uzbekistan (ATB "Ipoteka Bank" Chilonzor branch, h/r: 4014108604262773422967279, bank code 00997, STIR: 202811527) should pass.

Payments for sending tenders must be made only by bank transfer from the organization's bank account.

Intercity-interregional routes tendered lots:

VSh-945 "Shahrisabz - Urganch" from Shahrisabz

VSh-969 "Gulistan - Zomin" from the side of Gulsiton

VSh-1130 "Tashkent - Chimboy" from Tashkent side

VSh-1103 "Toz village - Arnasoy" from both sides

VSh-1169 "Tashkent - Konimex" on both sides

VSh-970 "Gulsiton - Gagarin" from the side of Gagarin

VSh-1154 "Khovos - Joylangar" from both sides