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Information of the Ministry of Transport on the results of the works carried out at the end of 2021

The Ministry of Transport on the results of the works carried out at the end of 2021



Work done in January-December 2021

In the months of January-December 2021, the total volume of cargo transportation by rail, air, road transport is 1.45 billion. tons (110.3 percent compared to last year), cargo turnover 42.7 billion. tons/km (106.5 percent).

The volume of passenger transportation in all transport is 5.8 billion. passenger (108.6 percent), passenger turnover 129.6 billion. passenger/km (109.5 percent).

In 2021, the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Uzbekistan approved and put into practice 17 normative-legal documents, including 2 laws, 7 presidential decrees and decisions, and 8 decisions of the Cabinet of Ministers, in order to improve the regulatory and legal framework in the field of transport.

On August 9, 2021, the Law "On Transport" No. ORQ-706 was adopted. This draft Law was adopted by the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis on March 3, 2021, and approved by the Senate of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan on May 29, 2021.

The decision of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on joining the UN Intergovernmental Agreement on "Dry Port" was adopted.


In the field of road transport


Decision No. PQ-5108 of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated May 7, 2021 "On measures to further simplify the regulation of passenger transportation by car" was adopted, based on it, until December 31, 2022 as an experiment, individual entrepreneurs were given the right to engage in passenger transportation activities in 4-seater light vehicles.

The Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated October 8, 2021 "Measure to further improve public road transport activities in the regions" on the compensation of losses from passenger transportation on unprofitable intercity bus routes in the regions in the suburbs and within the region at the expense of local budget funds The decision No. 630 "on events" was approved.

Regarding the digitization of the tender processes for attaching passenger transport routes to carriers, the Cabinet of Ministers' decision of December 6, 2021 "On measures for electronic organization of open tenders for passenger transport routes in road transport" Decision No. 738 was adopted.

All passenger transportation routes across the republic were routed, and the level of connectivity of 174 districts with regional centers and 9259 neighborhoods with district centers of the republic was studied. As a result, it was determined that public transport services did not reach 1,113 neighborhoods, and measures were developed to cover these neighborhoods with public transport.

Based on this measure, in January-December 2021, 88 buses and 121 taxi routes were established throughout the republic, a total of 209 new routes, and as a result, 9227 of the existing 9259 neighborhoods or 99.7 percent was covered by bus and taxi routes. 345 buses, 241 minibuses and 734 Damas cars serve the population on these routes.

Also, 149 new buses were purchased and a total of 7 bus stations were built and reconstructed in Samarkand, Tashkent, Jizzakh, Bukhara, Fergana, Surkhandarya and Kashkadarya regions.

In order to make it possible to make payments from Unified transport cards in public transport of Tashkent city, it was possible to purchase 46 monthly road tickets and transport cards at sales booths (kiosks) and 61 metro ticket offices.

Payment of transport cards through 1,900 self-service bank terminals (infokiosks) and mobile applications of current electronic payment systems (ATTO, Payme, UZCARD, Click, Apelsin, etc. payment systems) system of filling with 's was introduced.

In the city of Tashkent, it was ensured that the buses in all directions were equipped with stationary validators, and stationary validators were installed at all stations of the metro, and payment was made through Unified transport cards and a one-time QR-ticket.

With the launch of the new Yunusabad route of the Tashkent metro and the Koyliq above-ground ring route and the Sergeli above-ground route, 66 bus and taxi routes were optimized, of which 23 routes were closed, 39 routes were shortened, and 4 new routes were opened.

A total of 5 transport links of the Tashkent metro, in particular, 3 in the direction of Sergeli and 2 in the direction of Uzbekistan, were established.

Wi-Fi system in 31 underground stations of Tashkent metro, communication systems by "UCeII" company