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Restrictions on crossing the borders of foreign countries due to the COVID-19 epidemic

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04.04.2020 18123 Yangiliklar



According to the order of the Government of the Russian Federation of March 16, 2020 No. 635-r. From March 18, 2020 until 00:00 local time on May 1, 2020, the entry into the Russian Federation of foreign citizens and stateless persons, including those arriving from the territory of the Republic of Belarus, as well as citizens of the Republic of Belarus, is temporarily restricted.

"The provision of paragraph 1 of this order does not apply to drivers of international road vehicles, crews of air, sea and river vessels, train and locomotive crews."

From March 25 to April 25, Rostransnadzor suspends the weight control of vehicles carrying essential goods, the agency said. This measure is being introduced to implement the plan of priority measures to ensure the sustainable development of the economy in the face of a deteriorating situation due to the spread of coronavirus infection.

From March 20, all restrictions on the supply of essential goods, including customs, will be lifted for one month. A green corridor is being introduced for importers and large retail chains. A number of goods, including medicines and medical devices, are subject to a zero customs duty rate.

Clarifications have been received regarding the application to drivers of the requirements of the Decree of the Chief Sanitary Doctor of the Russian Federation of March 18, 2020 No. 7, which provides for self-isolation at home for 14 calendar days for all persons arriving from abroad. It follows from the document received that these requirements do not apply to drivers of international freight vehicles. These persons must use personal protective equipment and observe the rules of personal hygiene.

The Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation opens a "green corridor" for essential goods and food.

From March 27, airlines must stop regular and charter flights abroad, an exception is made only for cases of exporting Russians to their homeland and individual flights on behalf of the government.

In order to prevent the entry of a new coronavirus infection into the territory of the Russian Federation, the Government of the Russian Federation issued an order dated March 27, 2020 No. 763-r, which, from March 30, 2020, temporarily restricts traffic through automobile, rail, pedestrian, river and mixed checkpoints across the state border the Russian Federation, as well as through the land section of the Russian-Belarusian state border.
According to paragraph 2 of the said order, the restrictions do not apply to drivers of international road transport trucks.




As of March 10, 2020, transport operations between Azerbaijan and Iran have been restored. Escorted vehicles (combinations of vehicles with a driver) are allowed to cross the border.

The entry / exit of cargo vehicles is allowed in compliance with increased anti-epidemic security measures.




All people who arrived in Belarus from countries where cases of COVID-19 infection are registered, within 14 calendar days from the date of arrival: must be in self-isolation at home; are not subject to subsequent passage through the border of Belarus (until the expiration of the period of self-isolation).

These measures do not apply to: drivers of vehicles in the performance of international road transport of goods; crew members of aircraft, inland water transport vessels, train crews, locomotive crews of international railway traffic"; foreigners transiting through the territory of the Republic of Belarus to return to their place of residence".

Drivers performing transit road transport of goods through Belarus, including from the territory of Russia to the EU and Ukraine, are required to drive only along republican roads, where it is possible to stop (park) for rest and meals for drivers, refueling vehicles, in accordance with the approved by the same enactment of the list of roads and specialized places. Drivers performing transit transportation are obliged to leave the territory of Belarus along the shortest route no later than the day following the day of entry into its territory, except in cases where the impossibility of meeting the specified deadline is due to an accident (breakdown) of the car, as well as unloading, reloading (transshipment) of cargo , replacement of the vehicle, if it is provided for by the terms of the road transport agreement and indicated in the transport documents.




From March 21, all flights are suspended, with the exception of flights of national airlines, which will be agreed with the government.

The entry / exit of cargo vehicles is allowed in compliance with increased anti-epidemic security measures.

With regard to trucks and their drivers who have been in countries with a high risk of spreading coronavirus (China, South Korea, Italy, Iran, Austria, Germany, France, Norway, Switzerland) 14 days before entering the territory of Georgia